Marshall Super Lead 100 Plexi w. 1960A Cab White!

  • Near Mint Condition
  • Year: 1997
  • Includes Original Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: 977769207


The Marshall Plexi is always synonymous with Rock history. Players that defined the sound of generations of rock & roll history have relied on Marshall Plexi's for sounds in the studio and definitely on the stage. In 1997, Marshall offered a limited line of reproductions, based on the specs of the original '67-'69 circuit, in their show-stopping white tolex. Four channels delivering 100 watts of power by way of four EL34 power tubes sound unique and are jumpable. Comes with matching 1960A cab, fitted with Celestion G-12T-75's. This special rig also includes a Marshall Power Soak attenuator , allowing the player to get all the sounds of a cranked amp at a more reasonable volume. Includes the original soft covers for head and cabinet. The head weighs 45 lbs, the cabinet 80 lbs.


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