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Marshall JCM800

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Year: 1986
  • Serial #: U00429


New to our collection is this beautiful 1986 JCM800 50-watt combo. These amplifiers are universally recognized as the harbinger of the 80s hard rock movement in the United States and are still sought after for their superior tone and versatility nearly 40 years later. Similar to its predecessors, the JCM800 features a master volume as well as a channel volume, which means that you can get the killer, overdriven Marshall sound without your neighbors calling the police. "In 1981, Marshall finally reached the end of its 15-year distribution deal with Rose-Morris, which had severely limited its potential to sell amplifiers outside England; Rose-Morris tagged 55% onto the sticker price for exported models. The JCM800 was the first series produced after the contract expired. The name comes from Jim Marshall's initials, "J.C.M.", coupled with the meaningless "800" from the number plate on his car. It was later noted that "800" stood for the decade. For example, the JCM900 was released in 1990 and the JCM2000 was released in 2000." (via Wikipedia)

Was: $1199.00

Now Only: $999.00

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