Maestro MPS-2 Mini-Phase

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: circa 1974
  • Serial #: 4116


The Maestro MPS-2 Mini-Phase is an all analog Phase Shifter which was sold under Gibson's Maestro brand of effects in the mid-1970's. Designed by Tom Oberheim for the company and identical to his Oberheim P-10 Phasor, the Mini-Phase offers thick, creamy phase shifting effect that is full of luscious vintage charm. A single speed knob is your only control and has a nice range from a slow, deep sweep to fast warble-y, underwater effects. This unit dates from Autumn of 1974 and is in perfect working order. Cosmetically, it's in excellent condition with the exception of the Maestro logo which is peeling slightly but still attached and could be easily re-applied by it's new owner.


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