Luscomb Custom Unsigned

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: circa 1893
  • Includes Hard Shell Case


A rare Custom Luscomb - 11 1/8" rim, with a 27" scale length, and very nice inlay work. A remarkable early patent rim design, with a very interesting (perhaps developmental) tone ring. A spun over one piece stepped rim/tonering creates a secondary internal chamber, with a reinforced wooden, bevel edge interior. Original patent neck hardware and factory metal shim is present, resting against its metal heel cap with "PAT NOV 28 93" stamp. Rosewood heel cap is cracked. Adjustments for the neck angle are possible through the heel (a nice design element). Original tailpiece, mostly original hooks present. Repaired peg head crack. The peg head overlay shows signs of some touch up, as well as various spots in the fingerboard, typical for any instrument of this era.


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