*LEFTY* ErgoPlay "TAPPERT" Model Guitar Support

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  • Serial #: EP80013


**LEFT-HAND MODEL!!!! It's the improved version of the former 'ErgoPlay professional' guitar rest, Invented by Johannes Tappert -If you have no experience with our guitar rest yet, the "Tappert" rest will probably be your first choice. You can adjust the rest's inclination and angle to suit your height and your habit of playing. Thigh rest 235mm (self-adhesive hard rubber). Individually adjustable in height and inclination 3 adaptable suction cups for easy rib attachment Suction cups can be changed and removed easily -Perfect weight distribution for better balance while playing. -The ErgoPlay support is the most stable, adjustable, and ergonomic of all guitar supports. -It helps put the guitar in its optimal playing position and can eliminate back problems caused by poor positioning. -Since the fifteenth century or earlier guitarists have raised their left leg up by stepping on a guitar case or foot stool, to improve their technique. By doing this their arms and hands work in a superior way but at the same time it creates a curve in the back which manifests long term problems such as back aches. The guitar feels more comfortable with the Ergoplay than in the traditional Segovia position. Not only that but the position of both hands makes playing easier and more efficient than before.

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