Learn 7 Grateful Dead Tunes For Acoustic Guitar - Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

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Bring the music of the Grateful Dead to life on your guitar! This easy-to-follow DVD teaches complete arrangements to seven songs, including both rhythm and lead parts. It includes acoustic favorites Friend of the Devil and Black Peter; classic ballads Brokedown Palace and Stella Blue; and the great jam tunes Fire on the Mountain, New Speedway Boogie and Cassidy. Musician/journalist Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers interviewed both Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir in depth about their guitar and songwriting styles, and draws on insights from those conversations to capture the soul of these timeless songs. Jeffrey shows you not only how to play the chords and create powerful grooves behind your singing, but also how to add cool embellishments, percussive effects, bass lines, and lead breaks inspired by the Dead s live and studio performances. These arrangements (in standard, dropped-D, and D A D G A D tuning) are specially designed for intermediate pick players (one song is played finger style) and are packed with accompaniment ideas that you can use in other songs as well.


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