Kalamazoo KG-31 (ca.1939)

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1939
  • Includes Original Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: 147868


The depression era Kalamazoo product line is an interesting piece of Gibson history. With many of the guitars being straight out of the Gibson catalog, the KG-31 most resembles a Gibson L-50, one of the most popular of Jazz & country arch tops, known for its great value - seen here for even less. Produced from 1935-1939, the KG-31 is a 16" arch top body with F Holes. Solid mahogany back with a sunburst spruce top. A standard Gibson 24.75" scale length with a neck that meets at the 14th fret, these are comfortable and solid sounding guitars without quite the price tag.
This guitar comes to us in great shape from the previous owner. The finish and playability is great, and this guitar projects, whether its comping some jazz or strumming some folk. Structurally and cosmetically in great shape, this guitar is completely original with the elevated fire stripe guard, hanger tailpiece and rosewood bridge (albeit fairly bottomed out, but a big piece of rosewood that could easily be shaved). On its interior is stamped 1478 and written in red is "68", all Gibson identifiers for the era, but trickier to date.
The neck is straight and is set well with easy low action that measures 6/64" on the bass side of the twelfth fret and 5/64" on the treble side. The neck profile is clean, as well as the frets and fingerboard. The profile has a standard era correct clubby V feel to it, which measures about 1.05" at the first position and tapering up to about 1.4" by the twelfth fret. Original open gear plate tuners function just as they should with overall very clean buttons.
A great instrument for a player or collector alike that won't break the bank for fine a depression era instrument!
Includes era correct chipboard case.


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