• New Condition
  • Year: 2018
  • Serial #: 1711


How many times has this happened to you? You've been having a good old fashioned ukulele jam with some friends, enjoying each other's company, maybe having some snacks, but also pushing the envelope of not only your ukulele chops, but the boundaries of the the instrument itself. It's time. Time to take a solo. You start out slow, building intrigue through a series of beautifully melodic licks, drawing your friends into the moment. But then you take off. The licks are no longer beautiful, but rather frantic and fierce, conjuring images of smoke and fire. Jimmy Page has been put on alert. Your body is tense. You're building- working your way up the neck. Then it happens, just as you're poised to bring the solo to its climatic conclusion *BAM* your hand hits the side of the body and you completely miss your mark. It was all for nothing. Kala wants to make sure this never happens to you again. Normally only seen on the most high end ukuleles, the KA-SMHT-SC features a scalloped cutaway on the upper bout of the body making all of the hard to reach notes suddenly extremely accessible. Made out of beautifully grained mahogany top back and sides, it has all the warmth you've come to expect from mahogany with the clarity brought on by the tenor's longer scale. Gold Grover tuning machines and peghead inlay add a touch of class to an already stunning instrument.


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