Ibanez 2405 Custom Agent (1977)

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1977
  • Includes Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: G775562


Ibanez was given its first branch of success in the US by offering less expensive, high quality copies of other famed guitars in the 70's. The 2350 model was even unbranded, looking near identical to its Gibby counter part, which resulted in what was known as the "Law Suit Era". Following a number of other Lester looking axes, Ibanez eventually would go on to build its "Custom Agent" line, like this 2405, which would feature a new yet classic mandolin inspired design in the headstock - with the same Single cut LP design in the body. The Ibanez Custom Agent was a very high end set neck electric, featuring their well regarded Flying Fingers pickups - also known as the Super 70 or 80 models. These guitars have nice, fun inlay work on their tops and fingerboards and would become quite well known in the Ibanez line, before they were discontinued, possibly due to further lawsuits. Here we have a modest, but very impressive 2405 Custom Agent, featuring the top inlay behind the bridge, flower inlay and the elegant Mandolin headstock. This example comes to us in good condition for its age, showing light cosmetic wear, and some tarnish in pitting in some of the metal bits. The finish on this one is clean with only light scratches on its top, and some more buckle rash on the backside, and chips along the edges. As mentioned, there is some play wear in the metal bits, with the gold hardware being a bit worn on the stop bar of the tune-o-matic, and saddle piece. Some oxidation is present on the pickup switch and some wear on the gold pickup covers, but the electronics work as they should. The pickups are very nice and have an aggressive tone even with a pretty vintage output of only 7.8k on both neck and bridge positions. The neck pickup, although unmarked on its cover, is an original Ibanez Super 70's as stamped on its underside. The bridge position is a Flying Fingers embossed Super 80. The guitar plays wonderfully with light easy to play low action set up here at the shop. The neck is straight and smooth with no wear on the profile. The fingerboard feels very Gibson-y, being fully bound with fret end nibs similar to a high end LP Custom or similar model. The original frets have hardly any wear present, indicating it was probably played lightly overall, but enjoyed all the same. The action measures a nice 5/64" in height at the twelfth fret of the six string and 4/64" on the first. The neck feels relatively modern, having a C profile that measures .83" in thickness at the first position and .87" thick at the twelfth. The nut width measures a hair larger than 1 11/16", and the scale length is an expected 24.75". Comes with era correct hardshell case. Weighs 8.3 lbs.


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