Hofner 459 Violin Guitar

  • Good Condition
  • Year: 1966
  • No Case


Presumably built in 1966, this serial numberless, model numberless Hofner could be a bit of a mystery. The "459" is a rarely seen model from Hofner, essentially a stripped down version of the 459TZ which featured a unique fuzz circuit. This regular 459 is believed to have been produced to very limited quantity, probably due to resources being tied predominantly to the productions of violin basses - which were a bit more popular. What makes this particular example interesting, is that is surely in players condition. The neck is straight has a functional truss rod. The bolt on neck has a shim underneath, setting the neck angle properly, which facilitates great low action. The guitar has some buzz up and down, but not problematically so. The action at the 12th fret measures about 4/64". The nut width is a narrow 1 9/16", but feels comfortable for any Strat player. The frets are in good shape and appear to have been leveled at some point, with pretty mild fret wear. The neck is fully bound, and in great shape aside from one spot at the 12th fret on the bass side where it may have taken a fall. The adjustable bridge has been replaced with a newer reproduction bridge - filed down to fit the top. The bridge pickup has been rewound by the infamous Tom Brantley, and the mount has replaced screws (the originals had been rusted and stripped). The electronics appear to be original. The body shows signs of pressure cracks to various screw holes on the top - but is very structurally sound, and is likely just through the finish. The back & sides sport a nice flame in the maple. Unfortunately this guitar does not have it's original pick guard or hardshell case. This guitar is a great addition for a vintage collector, or for a player alike. Truly one not often seen.


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