Harmony H22 Electric Hollowbody Bass

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1962
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 3186522


Having constructed a very wide variety of instruments during the music boom between the 1950-60's, Harmony maybe excelled most with their arched top, and hollow body guitars and basses. Originally listed as the "High Value Electric Bass" for $104 (over $1000 today), the H22 model is a player and collector favorite - perfect for any recording artist or really any collector.
This example comes to us in really great condition - and has the beautiful thump and woody tone we all love. Instant vibe for the record, any serious and seasoned player will tell you how these chambered instruments are a studio necessity for any retro inspired music.
Cosmetically its very clean with only a little wear in the burst finish, with a nice clean binding. Some checking is present, and the back side of the body has a nice little Birdseye. The neck has been more significantly worn down, right through the black finish (see photos), ultimately yielding a really nice feel as a real deal relic. The short 30" scale length is comfortable and is currently outfitted with some nice sounding and old flat wounds. The neck is nice and straight, the frets appear clean, and the action is nice and speedy in every register with no dead spots.
A cool wiring layout, it is equipped with a single D'Armond gold foil pickup thats wired to a two way "Fingertip" switch (for preset tone control - known in the catalog as the Baritone circuit), a volume and a tone knob. In one position the tone pot is disengaged, allowing the player to preset the tone pot, and have two distinct settings - one essentially at 10, the other wherever the player sees fit.
Comes with the original chipboard case!


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