Hagstrom Model 1 Bass Guitar Futurama Red

  • Good Condition
  • Year: circa 1965
  • Includes Hard Shell Case


Futurama Red! These short scale basses sound excellent and play with a slinky touch. Setup currently with lights round wound strings, this bass has the bite and aggression of a Jazz bass, but functions excellent & punchy with flats. Players and collectors alike can appreciate this instrument of yesteryear for it's lucite body, giving it a truly unique tone and playability. Alas, these are prone to some issues within the design - and has had some repair work done to it's output jack, and has had it's tone switches bypassed (with a still functioning volume knob). It could be a good repair for the next owner to take on replacing or repairing whats there of this section. The paint has worn, tastefully, making this real deal relic perfect for the vintage enthusiast player. Even low action, this plays great and is ready for it's next gig. Comes with newer hardshell case.


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