Gibson TG-0 (ca 1933)

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1933
  • Includes Original Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: 404


With "The Gibson" written in script and four strings gracing a finely aged and well loved, open Mahogany body - this is a fantastic tenor guitar. Likely dating to 1932-33, with its FON of 404, this is nearing its centennial, something we love to see here at the shop. These fine instruments from the 30's are certainly becoming more rare, and its always nice to see one like this example that has been used consistently throughout its lifetime, without much wear overall. The TG-0 was introduced as a sister tenor version of its 6 string counter part, "L" model. Fitted with four strings, these were above average introductory instruments with fine Honduran Mahogany and would become well known in folk circles. This one comes to us in great shape, albeit with some past repair work mostly only visible internally. Mild top cracks are present with well done cleats present on the inside. The bridge has an additional decorative bridge pin hole added, and appears to be replaced and quite thin. This all results in a very playable instrument with plenty of volume and life. Some tooling wear is present on the top from the work that was done, just behind the bridge. A well done job, the finish appears to be a bit touched up on the top, likely when cracks were sealed. The binding is in great shape. No evidence of a neck set, this guitar plays fabulously in every position. The action currently measures a balanced 5/64" in height at the twelfth fret of the first and fourth strings - again the action having been addressed from its previously mentioned bridge replacement. The original frets are in good shape having likely been leveled and crowed "recently", with no real wear present. Functional truss rod, the neck is nice and straight. A screw hole has been added at the heel for a strap button. Original Grover banjo tuners present and function just as they should. Comes with the original chipboard case, which is in good shape.

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