Gibson Sonex-180 Deluxe (1980)

  • Good Condition
  • Year: 1980
  • No Case
  • Serial #: 82200625


The Sonex was introduced to Gibson's product lineup in 1980 as their most budget friendly electric. Having replaced the Marauder, the Sonex features a similar single cut body - taking a visual cue from the Grand-Poobah, Les Paul. Sonically, our example here is a pleasing rock n roller, and it just has an undeniably "cool" factor to it. This all black example dates to 1980, the entry year for the model - and it has some stories to tell. The guitar is overall in good playing shape but has some cosmetic and play wear from its previous owner(s). A black lacquer "Resonwood" body, small nicks and dings are present, primarily along the edges, and in the profile of the neck. The hardware is in good shape, less some rusty screws + a cracked pickup mounting ring. The bolt on neck design allows for some flexibility with the setup, but this particular example doesn't really need that adjustment. One will notice how the neck pocket is cut a bit too large. Currently, the truss rod is completely disengaged, yielding a fairly straight neck, albeit with a hair of back bow. The intrigued DIY'er might want to investigate this, but alas, it plays fairly well considering - with action that measures about 6/64" in height at the twelfth fret with plenty of room on the saddle's thumb screws. The frets are low, but there isn't really any play indentations, having recently had a level & crown as per the previous owner. It has the 24.75" scale we know and love from Gibson, and even a cool "The Gibson Guitar Company" silk screen on the peg head. Grover tuners that function just as they should. A pretty cool offering from The Gibson Guitar Company, one that is affordable, and would make a nice Humbuckers addition to the advancing player, or for the Gibson aficionado who may have slept on this model.


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