Gibson ES125 3/4 T Luthier Special*

  • AS IS Condition
  • Includes Original Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: 971


The Gibson ES-125 "Electric Spanish" guitar became one of the most widely recognized models from the famed company. With many variations, its no surprise Gibson would also have produced a smaller version for budding guitarists, or people who simply preferred the shorter scale and smaller body. This 3/4 T (T for thin) model has become a rare yet unique option from the product line, as it highlights a great design, with the same features as a typical model. This example is being sold "AS-IS" with its neck currently detached from its body. The "dovetail" joint of the set heel has cracked, with most of it belonging to the neck, and the remainder still set into the body. Both pieces attach as they should, but there is a separation from the fingerboard and the neck at the extension. The right repair person would probably like to address the separating fingerboard before they reattach the heel. The truss rod appears functional, and turns in both directions. It has the original frets which have some wear mostly in the first position, but nothing that would appear to be problematic - again the next owner might want to evaluate the fingerboards rise at the heel. The neck is a comfortable and slim with a 1 9/16" nut width, and measures .77" thick at the first fret, and .90" thick at the tenth (before the curvature at the heel). The binding on the body at the heel has become separated, with approximately a 5/64" gap between the back and the binding. All things considered, the arched top and arched back appear structurally sound. Cosmetically the body of the guitar is in great shape with only mild surface wear, and hardly any checking present. Original tailpiece appears in good shape. Original pickup with grey bottom, and wiring present with original pots and cap. Electronics work as they should, and the pickup has an output that measures 8.3k. Includes original brown gatoroid case, and wooden saddle. The ES-125 3/4T stamp is present and visible through the F hole, but the only other stamp or marking present on this guitar is a simple "971" stamp inside the neck heel opening on the body. This would make a great project for the right collector and luthier.


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