Gibson EH-185 and EH-150 Original Set

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: 1941
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: F1480-9 & 13754


Pre-war Gibson dream set, a matched pair, this is a Gibson EH-185 (w/ desirable later specs) and its EH-150 amplifier from the same period.

The guitar's structural design apprarently sought to prevent any possibility of warpage, with a crinkle-brown finished piece of metal running from the lower bout, under the board, and making up the headstock; multi-bound rosewood fingerboard w/ flush frets; slotted peghead with original Kluson small shaft slotted tuners (replaced buttons as originals crumbled) with a Grover on the high e. The pickup is a jaw-dropper, an oblong ES-300 type, mounted at a slant, with thick tortoise cover; input jack on driver's side, with one black bakelite knob and one brown for controls; original pickup cover. The fully bound & sunbursted maple body feature's two diamond shaped non-stick areas on the back and neck; some areas of wear/dings scuffs on body.

The EH-150 amp is recognized as one of the first electric guitar amps ever made. This model would become synonymous as the Charlie Christian model - making these amplifiers are an excellent choice for a vintage jazz purist. It couples beautifully with the aforementioned EH-185 Lap Steel, providing clean tone with only very light break-up, nice compression, and a substantial amount of volume. Cosmetically this example is in incredible condition for its age, showing only expected wear to its handle & corners, very light wear to its lacquered tweed tolex. There is very mild rust to its input washers. Beautiful faceplate with cool gold lettering, all in excellent condition. Mostly original components are present, including the Triad transformers (stamped T40069 &T40070), black RCA tube set (Radiotron preamp tubes), and Stackpole pots (which date accordingly). It has the original, 10" field coil speaker, stamped 12F40 (IQ15). This amp was recently serviced by local Rochester amp guru John Nau - and has been well biased, and had only its electrolytic capacitors replaced, a necessary and expected service. It still maintains its original 2 prong cable. Latches close and function as they should. This is an excellent, unique & interesting piece of yesteryear. 

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