Gibson Century of Progress L-C

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: circa 1934
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case


Gibson commemorated the Chicago World Fair - the "Century of Progress", through quite the lovely instrument. A highly decorated guitar for Gibson, this model showcases a beautiful pearloid fingerboard inlay, with Rosewood inlaid fret markers, further inlaid with abalone diamonds; weathered, but original buttons still function on tuners with gears and sprockets that hold and turn as they should. Neck shows some forward relief, frets show some wear, and the pearloid has some discoloration in the cowboy zone in the first and second. The back of the neck profile has some wear, presumably from resting against a table etc; V profile measures about .89"; saddle has plenty of height (about 8/64"). No cracks to be found on the 00 body, but typical finish checking; original bridge present, however maple bridge plate has been replaced; some belly present. This is a prime example of a fantastic guitar from yesteryear. Comes with original hard shell case.


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