Fender Ultimate Chorus Stereo 2x12" Combo

  • AS IS Condition
  • Year: circa 1995


*Currently not functioning When the world is looking for the best clean tone, who do they choose? Fender. The answer is always Fender. They've had a knack at building shimmering clean toned amps for the past 60+ years, and always moved with the times. By the 1990's, lots of companies were well moved into the solid state market, and exploring furthering the possibilities. This is essentially Fenders take on the classic Roland JC-120. A Stereo cabinet, rated at 65 watts per side, boasts plenty of volume for the gigging or loud rehearsal, and solid state construction won't break up with the added decibels. Luscious true stereo chorus you'll hear and never forget. A perfect candidate for the player looking for something affordable, reliable, and clean. An excellent tonal backdrop to go with your growing pedalboard!

Was: $299.00

Now Only: $75.00

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