Fender Twin Reverb Silverface c.1975

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: 1975
  • Serial #: B06090


Looking for a classic amp from the 1970's? Maybe a clean amp for recording? Maybe a platform for your ever growing pedalboard? All of the above? Look no further - here we have a silverface Twin Reverb from 1975. The Silverface Twin's are well known for their clean tone, but some of their unique key feature lies in the last knob on the faceplate, the coveted "Master Volume". Finally, a Twin with 85 watts of power, that can compress like some of our favorite low watt amps. This example is in excellent shape, having been recently serviced by local Rochester amp guru John Nau. John had replaced some of the original Mallory caps (included with the sale), but replaced them with high grade, studio ready components, making for a clean, noiseless machine - perfectly suitable for the stage or the scrutiny of the studio. Speakers have been replaced with recent Jensen Special Design C12K's - similar to a brand new reissue. Original 606 stamped Schumacher transformers present (one dating a bit earlier, which would be more commonplace during the mid 70's). Original footswitch included.


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