Fender Tremolux Piggy Back Head + Cab AB763 Oxford Speakers

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: circa 1966
  • No Case
  • Serial #: A04731


A pretty rare bird in the Fender amp catalog. The relatively short lived Tremolux amplifier is a highly regarded piggy back amp in the line up boasting only about 20 watts. The design was shared by the Vibrolux, which by the nature of the combo discontinued the Tremolux in 1966 at the full turn over of CBS purchasing Fender. These amps are well known as studio pieces with their unique low end response due to their closed back cabinet and "ideal" wattage for early break-up and compression. This Tremolux is in stunning condition, and shows very little wear to the cabinets. The IEC cable has been replaced with a newer 3 prong cable. The AB763 tube chart is present & very clean, stamped #2. The transformer codes & pots date to 1964/65. Original pair of Oxford 10L5-1 speakers present in the closed cabinet with the original insulation. This would be an ideal amp for a collector, studio, or serious playing professional alike.
Tubes are all old stock RCA in the power amp section, & replaced old stock Mullard/GE/RCA in the preamp.


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