Fender Super Sonic 22 combo (Black)

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Recent
  • Includes Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: CR-340669


Fender tube amplifiers are second to none. Having a product line dating back to the early 50's Fender Electric Instrument company specialized in recognizing what musicians needed every step of the way. Essentially a modernized take on the famous Deluxe Reverb combo, the Super Sonic 22 features a 2 channel design with a "Vintage" and "Burn" channel, selectable via footswitch (included). Iconic Black faceplate design with cream knobs, this amp looks right out of yester-year and sounds appropriate for any modern player, regardless of style, all in a convenient 1x12" combo. Normal and Fat button for EQ, the name isn't just clever, these certainly are super amplifiers. Lightly used by its previous owner, this one comes to us in great shape. Hardly any wear in its tolex or grill, this amp has been used with care from its previous owner and now is setup and well biased with a matched set of 6V6's from The Tube Store. Original Eminence Fender Special Design 50 Watt speaker.


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