Fender Super Amp 6G4A c.1962

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: 1962
  • Serial #: 55274


The Fender Super-Amps were only produced by the Fender Electric Instrument Company between 1960-63, with this example dating to 1962. These amps are well regarded as a portable option not to dissimilar from a Concert or Vibrolux, featuring the same circuitry as the former and similar speaker configuration to the latter. Fixed bias at 40 watts, these produce a smooth tone that hints on breakup nicely with the right amount of volume, and the all so coveted Harmonic Tremolo. A rare amplifier for collectors, and an incredible tool for session guitarists and studios, this example has been very well maintained but retains the crucial components for originality. Cosmetically, this one has an exceptionally clean cabinet with hardly any marks in its brown tolex, original grill or iconic brown face plate. A very small tear is visible but non problematic on the lower right corner of the grill. While the handle has been replaced with a reproduction, the original is included in the sale and is in great shape. Internally this one has had mostly standard upkeep, all of which bettering the lifespan of the amp. The tube chart is in excellent condition and appears to date it's year with ah H - indicating 1962, but the first letter for the month is a bit poorly stamped and hard to make out. It is likely that the tube chart had been re-adhered. Along side the tube chart is a label from C&J Electronics, an old repair shop from Lyndhurst NJ. More recently the amp was serviced, locally. It retains an original Oxford 10K5 speaker which dates appropriately to July 1962. Alongside this original is an era appropriate Jensen speaker which appears to date to late 1957. This is a great option for a speaker as it is period correct, and offers a unique tonal blend for any studio musician looking to close mic both options. This amp features a mix of replaced old stock preamp tubes and Tong Sol power amp tubes. The original single button vibrato footswitch is included. Internally, this amp has some replaced electrolytic caps present - a typical and necessary maintenance job. It's filter capacitors have been swapped out to new F&T and JJ caps. The original Astron caps are included with the sale of the amp. It retains all the original Schumacher transformers which appropriately date to early 1962. 125P5B (606213), 125C1A (606229), 125A6A (606222). Original two prong cable still installed.

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