Fender Prosonic (Seafoam Green)

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Year: circa 2000s
  • Serial #: CR11215


Here we have a not so commonly seen workhorse from the Fender line, in super cool seafoam Green faux-snakeskin tolex! A limited run Fender offered during this amps tenure, between '95-01, The Prosonic offers up a lot of the classic Fender sounds and sonic appointments, in a very versatile format. A 2 input, multi channel amp, with clean and dirty switch, make this 60 watt 2x10" speakers have a great range of tones suitable for all styles of music, and loud enough to use in rehearsals and on stage. with Celestion/Fender Custom Shop suit this amp beautifully. Classic Fender cleans are available, as well as two separate gain controls selectable via footswitch, as well as reverb. Variable class rectifier circuit, and an effects loop unlike most other Fender amps. This amp can shine, cut, or sit in a mix however you see fit. A great, rare, versatile amplifier, sure to make any player happy.


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