Fender Pro Reverb Silverface Master Volume (1977)

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: 1977
  • Includes Original Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: A731092


Released in ’65 its 2×12″ cab signaled the end of the long-running 1×15″ Pro combo seen in the Tweed, Brown, and early Black faceplate eras. Pro Models have long been touted as some of, if not, Fenders best amps - featuring a slightly underpowered output transformer, (yielding only about 35 watts) and the forever classic 6L6 design. It's 2x12" speaker orientation allowed for more low end than its Vibrolux sister, and its lower wattage made it a more practical amp than its big brother, the Twin. With the best of both worlds, this is a fun amp to close mic - featuring a cool, mismatched set of Celestion Type A Speaker (T5925A) and an Eminence Legend GB128 - The Eminence a warm speaker with throaty mids, the Celestion with a thick and clean low end and extra headroom. This compliments the amp nicely as this era features the Master Volume control, allowing the player to have easier access to some overdrive on tap. This amp has a wide range of tone on hand really suitable for any player, and getting it around is easy with its convenient professionally installed casters. This is one of the cleanest amps we've had here at the shop, with exceptionally clean tolex and grill. The amp was recently serviced and has new F&T Filter caps and a few replaced electrolytics. All original Schumacher transformers date correctly to the first few weeks of '77. Comes with a newer Fender cover.


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