Fender Pro Amp 5E5 ca.'58-59

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1958
  • Serial #: 502712


Originally named the "Professional Amp" the Fender Pro was a highly regarded amplifier originally directed towards live performance - being a louder option from the Fender lineup and featuring a unique 15" speaker. The design underwent a number of changes before it was eventually discontinued by Fender. These tweed versions are some of the most sought after in the product line, as they boast a unique wattage (Originally 15watts and eventually up to 25 depending on the incarnation) making it loud but with a nice break up - similar to a 5E3 Deluxe (which is generally more expensive). This narrow panel tweed is everything we know and love about 50's era Fender - and is truly a piece of rock & roll history. This example comes to us loved, but well maintained for its 60+ years of use. Original tube chart is present, and marks it as production ID which would date this amp to April 1959, with parts that are mostly from '58. Its original P15N Jensen speaker is included in the sale, but has a significant tear, which could certainly be repaired by its next owner. Currently, it is fitted with an era correct '59 speaker that was recently re-coned by Neal's Speaker Service in California. The next owner could have the original worked on, at their discretion. The amps internals have been serviced, specifically with one replaced pot, and new Sprague Atoms replacing what would have been Astron capacitors. The point to point wiring appears to have been touched up in spots, but nothing problematically so. The original wiring job was done by Lupe Lopez - who became famously known for her wiring of Tweed Fenders. Cosmetically the amp has likely seen many stages, but the tweed is nicely in tact, just worn as a nice authentic relic should be. A replacement handle is present. The rear panel screws appear replaced and are also fairly stripped, but the chassis screws themselves are in fairly clean shape. The face plate has some expected wear to the silk screen. It has a new 3 prong IEC cable, and is tubed with: Preamp: old stock Soviet 12AX7, newer JJ 12AX7, & EH 12AY7 Poweramp: Slightly older Sovtek's Transformer codes: Original 45217 Output Transformer, Original 8087


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