Fender Princeton Amp AA964 c.1966

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Year: 1966
  • Serial #: A05225


One of the not so commonly seen amplifiers of the classic Fender catalog - the Princeton Amp. The "AA964" circuit is a unique one in the Fender lineup, as it is fairly different from its Princeton Reverb counter part. The AA964 is very notable for being incredibly clean for its low wattage, unlike its Reverb-y younger brother. This is due to the Reverb models having a final gain stage tied into its preamp section - resulting in a bit more volume, and "drive" into the amp. Uniquely, these amps have more headroom, which makes it really great for anyone looking for classic Fender clean tones or a vintage small platform for pedals. These amps are sometimes seen modded, as some players will try to get the extra gain out of them, but this one appears untouched. 

All the internals are original, and appear in very good shape. The tube chart reads PJ dating this amp to October 1966 & has accurate CTS & Stackpole pot codes to match (all reading 13766XX and one 30466XX). The speaker is a correct Fender labeled Jenson C10 also dating to early 1966 (220617). Structurally the cabinet is in great shape, with tolex that is in stunning condition, rarely seen on amps this age. It has the original 2 prong power cable attached, which its next owner might consider changing over.
This is a superb choice for any Fender aficionado, Amp collector, or studio.

Old stock RCA & Sylvania tubes

Transformer codes:
022772 Schumacher 606-6-14
022913 Schumacher 606-6-18
Weighs 26 lbs


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