Fender Princeton Amp 6G2A '62

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: 1962
  • Includes Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: P02505


Designed for the studio and the gigging musician - an original Brownface Fender Princeton Amp. Awesome sounding smooth midrange, with the 15 watt breakup perfect for Blues, Rock, Country & Swing - there is a reason these amps are some of the most coveted for recording professionals. The tremolo on these brownface circuits are truly amazing, and this one sounds exceptional. This amp has has some work done in it's past to keep it running. Specs: "Princeton" Tube Chart Model 6G2A present, and in good shape (mysterious "A" is hand written) Tubes have been changed overtime, but well aged, with Ruby, and Sylvania in the power amp section, and Tungsol in the preamp Chasis Code P02505 correct for '62. Original 304 Stackpole pots present dating to early '62. Original Oxford Speaker (465-133) - indicating it's a late '61 Speaker Original 606 Transformer Codes present, dating to '62 (606213) Original 2 prong cable has been replaced with 3 prong, and some of the internal wiring appears to have changed from the cloth cover Early, but replaced leather handle on great shape Comes with newer Fender Amp cover


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