Fender Jazzmaster Refin w. Strat Neck (ca.1960)

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 1960s
  • Includes Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 50942


Here and there, we are all presented slight mysteries - and it's our duty to look into the finest details to learn, and better respect those around us. This guitar we present to you, is one such instrument - that while being a bit of a mystery, is so very cool and can be deemed a true vintage player. At a first glance, this super attractive Jazzmaster might appear to be just that - but it comes to us outfitted with a nice old slab board Stratocaster neck. This will be broken down piece by piece below.
Plugged in, this is a great sounding Jazzmaster, with its classic Fender jangle and warm top end. The neck has a nice comfortable thin profile (typical in the late 50s early 60s), playing nice and speedy - making it an understandable, favorable neck to have put on this body, presumably to its owner, long long ago.

The body of this guitar appears accurate to a Pre CBS, 1960 JM, albeit refinished in a beautifully done slightly darker Candy Apple Red sparkle. Authentic wear in the finish shows the original wood grain at points, with its blueish primer coat, followed by a gold sparkle coat to its final slightly darker red finish. Upon close inspection, one will be able to see the checking present throughout. Removing the pickguard one can see evidence of the original sunburst finish this guitar had. It is unlikely this was a factory job, but it looks that good. Removing the guitars pickups reveals the original amber color from the center of its original burst, as well as a bit of an orange-y finish, implying that this guitar has maybe been finished over another time in its past. Under the bridge it is most clear this guitar was originally a burst. No pencil date is present in the cavity. The pick up cavities are lined with what appear to be the original cavity shield, but it's possible this was added later. The original 3 ply pickguard has shrunken pretty significantly but has not cracked. The guard having shrunk has made switching on the rhythm circuit much more difficult, as well turning its wheels - but all electronics are functioning. The knobs are correct for this era, again presumably 1960. The "Fender Pat Pend" Bridge and saddle appear original and in good shape with expected wear and scratches. The neck plate is stamped 50942, which again dates accurately to 1960. The stamp is uniquely in between the lower two screws, something that was done uncommonly from the Fender factory at this time. More on the neck below.

As mentioned, the electronics work as they should. An accurate Volume pot - dating to the 50th week of 1959 is present, with a later tone pot present. The wiring is well done, but it has been touched up in its past, and now is fitted with a Duncan "2BR" stamped bridge pickup, and an unmarked neck pickup. The unmarked neck pickup has beveled, non staggered pole pieces. It is unknown when or where this work was done, having been done over 20 years ago, when the previous owner had purchased it second hand. The volume pot is fairly scratchy.

The neck of the guitar as mentioned in the title, is from a Pre CBS Stratocaster. It is possible that the neck is from 1960, hence the previously mentioned neck plate, but it is unclear. The necks heel has no pencil or stamp to indicate the date, having likely been sanded off, for reasons unknown. The slab fingerboard makes it readily apparent that this neck is from 1962 or earlier - highly regarded as some of Fenders finest necks ever produced. The truss rod adjustment at the heel is mostly maxed out, and fairly chewed up from past use. The neck is nice and straight with no real need for an adjustment. The action is low, at about 5/64" in height at the twelfth fret. It is likely that the guitar was re fretted many moons ago, having slots that are cut a bit further into the neck than standard, but the frets themselves are the proper size, and were nicely installed overall, showing minimal play wear. The one piece maple has some light figuring in it that has been a bit obscured by play wear. The Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is in good shape, with all of its clay dots intact. Maybe most importantly about this neck, is the coveted profile. The thinner profile sits comfortable in the hand, and measures a thinner .81" at the first position - tapering up to about .95" thick at the twelfth fret. It has the expected 1 5/8" nut width. The tuners are accurately single line Kluson - but the first string tuner likely was damaged, resulting in a previous owner to put the 4th string (D) tuner, in its place, resulting in an imprint from the previous ones screw lip. The 4th string tuner has been replaced with a nice double line Kluson. It is notable that while investigating this, era correct "D String tuner hole" is present. The Fender decal is in great shape, but it is missing its "Original Contour" and its maybe more aptly just an "ASTER" as the first part has been either scratched or worn away... The Synchronized Tremolo and Pat numbers are visible.

For an instrument with quite a bit of oddities, it adds up to a fantastic playing instrument - worthy of a good collection, or to be useful on stage or in the studio. Strat and Jazzmaster enthusiasts can both appreciate this instrument to high regard. Comes with a newer hardshell case. No tremolo arm.

Weighs 7.5 lbs.


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