Fender Jaguar c.1962 Refin

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: 1962
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 87006


Introduced in 1962, the Fender Jaguar would become an iconic guitar type for the Fender product line being nearly as popular as its offset sibling the Jazzmaster but staying mostly out of the limelight like Stratocaster or Telecaster. We are now in the age of offsets, and we welcome with open arms this certainly surfy first year hot rod.
This guitar has seen a life on stage, and has had some general maintenance over its lifetime. This guitar was originally a sunburst finish - which can be seen underneath the pick guard and in the neck pocket. Strangely, it is currently refinished back to being an almost two tone burst. This work was likely done a long time ago, and looks appropriate, but does show some standard wear and nicks throughout. A correct 3 ply tortoise guard has shrunk slightly as to be expected, and the guitar maintains its original electronics.
Date codes on the Stackpole pots further identify this first year guitar. The guitar lived a life with a second hand mastery bridge, but has since had its original put back on. The Mastery bridge is still included in the sale and appears in good condition (just the saddle piece not the bridge plate itself). The pickups appear original, but its current wiring is setup for out of phase middle position - again, best left to its next owner to change if they don't prefer the quack. The original mute is included in the sale.
The neck on this guitar is nice and straight and maintains an even low action, albeit missing one screw in its D string saddle. This example, being from later '62 has the thinner veneer fingerboard, which has some wear throughout. The frets show more significant wear, again having been used as a regular player - but the notes still ring out in every position. A re-fret is in this guitars future, but given these are original its best left to its next owner. The action measures a nice playable 5/64" in action at the twelfth fret. The one piece maple neck is a nice slim profile, and has been beautifully played in. It measures .77" thick at the first fret and .95" at the twelfth. A typical "B" stamp at the heel indicating it's a normal width, 1 9/16".
This is a nice instrument for a player, but could also be a nice piece for a collector.
Comes with the original hardshell case.


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