Fender Bassman Amp AA165 c.1966

  • Very Good Condition
  • Year: 1966
  • Serial #: A14314


The Fender Bassman has been alongside instrumentalists since pickups were invented. A perfectly suitable amp for bass players and guitarists alike, they have a tone that is fat, compressed & driven - and are now often seen in studios used by professionals all over. The Marshall JTM45 - used by the like of Jimi Hendrix - was essentially a clone of the original 5F6A Bassman circuit, and it is widely recognized that these amps are a great stepping stone to achieving that bluesy goodness. The circuit would change over time and ownership of the company - every iteration being fairly unique. This 1966 example was recently professionally serviced and features great F&T filter caps & replaced electrolytics - yielding a low noise floor example, perfect for the modern player looking for a vintage head. Cosmetically, this amp has seen a bit better days but still looks good. Pitting and rust is present on the faceplate and rear of the electronics chassis. The chassis straps have been replaced. The tolex is overall in good shape, with some slight tatter present along the edge, mostly on the rear. The front grill cloth has ripped a bit underneath the "Bassman Amp" silk screen (see photos), but it has aged with a nice patina. Sonically, this amp is a ripping beast. Everything players have come to love about these vintage Bassman's is present with superior low end (useable for bassists and guitarists alike) and a perfect amount of drive when the amp opens up. It's no wonder Marshall chose to copy the original circuits for these, as they have an intuitive and musical EQ section and sound good in just about any context. Again, this amp has recently been serviced and has a great low noise floor, making it perfect for a studio or serious session player. Original transformers and pots are present - as mentioned the caps have mostly been swapped out. It is currently outfitted with some US made 6L6's and old stock GE & RCA preamp tubes. Original Power Transformer: 125P70 - 606-545 Original Choke: 125C1A 606-5-47 Original Output Transformer: 125A13A 606545 F&T filter caps and some replaced Nichicon caps present.


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