Fender Bassman 250 1x15" Combo

  • Excellent Condition
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The modern iteration to the classic Fender Bassman series, in a solid state combo. The Fender Bassman 250 is a great sounding & reliable amp suitable for any rehearsal or show, packed with useable, modernized features. This amp boasts 250 watts through one 15" Fender/Eminence designed speaker. Selectable Horn for full range, makes good use of this amps extensive EQ section (complete with 2-Band Parametric Mid Range), and compliments the onboard compression circuit. XLR out removes the need of an extra DI, and can be run on it's own level control, pre or post the preamp. A workhorse amp that is in excellent shape, and is ready for it's next rehearsal and stage. Oh yeah, it's super loud... and it's less than 40 lbs.


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