Fender Bandmaster AB763 Head + Cab c.1965

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: 1965
  • Serial #: A08135


One of the finest size amplifiers from the Fender catalog, the BandMaster. A powerful piggyback, these iconic amps are recognized for their excellent wattage - which lends itself to nearly any genre of music, with a nice compression and full bodied tone. This examples tube chart is stamped OA, indicating a January 1965 production, but has some slightly later parts, which is not out the ordinary for this transition era (more below). This amplifier was player owned, and well cared for, having been maintained, and modded to beautiful taste. While it maintains its original transformers and chokes, many of the caps have needed replacing, including the "Death" cap. Tone caps have been replaced, but the originals are included in the sale. Original filter caps have been replaced with fine blue Sprague Atoms. It is currently biased for use without the 2 & 4th preamp tubes, but they are included in the sale. A new IEC has been added. The typically closed back cabinet is included in the sale with the original Oxford 12L6 speakers (465-448 indicates a late '64 manufacturing), but the cabinet is currently outfitted with late 70's Eminence speakers which sound amazing with excellent clarity in the low end. The cabinet is currently fitted with an open back panel, which can easily be swapped to its original closed back. The grill to the head and the cab have been replaced but look good, as does the original tolex. This is an excellent choice for any serious player, or the studio looking for an amazing sounding, low noise Fender amp.


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