Fender Bandmaster Head AB763 + Cab (As Is) c.1965 FEIC

  • Good Condition
  • Year: 1965
  • Serial #: A08787


One of the finest size amplifiers from the Fender catalog, the Bandmaster. A powerful piggyback, these iconic amps are recognized for their excellent wattage resulting in clean and slightly compressed tone - functional for any genre of music, and a favorite amongst pedal pushers. This examples tube chart is stamped OA, indicating a January 1965 production and pre CBS guts. This example comes to us in great shape cosmetically and functionally, having recently been serviced. A very clean faceplate, grill & tolex that show minimal wear. Internally, the guts are well preserved less a few replaced discrete components and all new F&T filter caps - resulting in a very minimal noise floor. At some point this was modded for an extra speaker output, which has remained untested. The 2x12" cabinet included in this package is also in great shape cosmetically with original tilt back legs. It features the original Oxford 12L6 speakers, appropriately dating to the 47th week of 1964 - sadly, both speakers appear to need their cones repaired. This decision to replace or repair the speakers is best left to its next owner. Old stock GE tubes, and 2 prong cable still attached. Comes with the original, now replaced, Astron Caps. 125P7D Output Transformer: 606-446 125C1A Choke: 606-4-45

Was: $2000.00

Now Only: $1800.00

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