Fender Bandmaster "Drip Edge" (ca. 67-68)

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: circa 1968
  • Serial #: A32868


Some regard "Silverface" Fender amps as the best value amps on the market - why is that exactly? Generally, you get a a 70's approximation of the classic Blackface circuit, neither better nor worse, just arguably different. Often times, tone seekers will seek out the Blackface amps for their coveted tones, and the Silverface amp designs tend to fall into a budget-vintage world their own. Here we have a truly unique one in the bunch. According to transformer codes, the sought after "AB763" tube diagram chart, and the black silk screen stencil lines on the front silverface panel - this is an original blackface circuit '67 amplifier. The serial # on the chassis indicates that this would be a '68 amp, probably still using the facilities of the '67's making this a very rare one of the bunch. Grounded IEC cable has replaced the original. Give it a play and let that be the judge. Warm, and with just the right about of tube compression and break-up makes this classic amp the perfect classic vintage Fender on a budget.


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