Fahey Requinto #010

  • N/A Condition
  • Includes Soft Shell Case
  • Serial #: 010


One of a few Requitos to come through here at the shop by the regionally known builder Fahey, owned by the regional legend Leo Crandall. This instrument was used frequently and maintains as a good player, albeit with some wear throughout. A solid Spruce top is lacquered over in a deep brown finish, likely in a few coats, as you can see it's wear beneath its tall movable bridge. Structurally the top shows no cracks or evidence of any structural issues. The back & sides are made from very fine mahogany that is book matched, and bound with a nice maple binding (with an ebony strip). The wood shines through a very thin clear coat and has a beautiful sheen to it, but there is currently a very open crack present on the bass side of the backs lower bout. The body measures 15 /78" across and both the top and back have a nice arch.
The neck features a similar construction to the body, built with three joined pieces of Mahogany & a larger center strip of maple. It appears to have a brazilian rosewood fingerboard that is very thick (1/4"). The neck is very straight and playable, but does have a hair of forward relief due to this instrument not having a truss rod. Clearly based on classical guitar design, this requinto also has a very nice slotted peghead. The action is easy to play, even with slightly heavy strings on it currently, and measures about 7/64" in height at the twelfth fret of the 6th string, and about 6/64" on the first.
It is further outfitted with a nice passive K&K pickup.
Comes with a soft case for cello that is suitable for this size.


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