Electro Harmonix Canyon Delay & Looper

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 2010s


The best $100 pedal you can buy right now, seriously. The Canyon Delay and Lopper is a expressive and rich sounding multi-delay pedal, which features a comprehensive set of tones that cover just about every delay sound you could want to have on your palette. From classic sounds like Deluxe Memory Man and Tape modes which emulate the warm delays of the past, the new modern and forward sounding delay modes like octave, shimmer, and verb. The Canyon nails them all, and with a neat a succinct set of controls that keep you playing instead of endlessly tweaking controls. Input for a tap tempo pedal and options for subdivisions keep your delay repeats in time with your song and allow for complex rhythmic divisions that echo, as if you were in the bottom of the scenic canyon depicted on the beautiful screen-printed artwork...A switchable tails switch on the inside of the pedal allows your delay repeats to naturally fade away after you switch off the effect for smooth transitions. EHX proves to us once again, that they just might be the most thoughtful pedal company in business. Even on the budget pedals like this one, they have depth, are fun to use, and most importantly; sound absolutely fantastic. This pedal is in very good used condition, with only a few minor scratches and blemishes from use.


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