Earthquaker Devices Aqueduct Vibrato

  • New Condition
  • Year: 2018
  • Serial #: 66


The vibrato pedal everyone has wanted. The brand new EarthQuaker Devices Aqueduct Vibrato pedal offers true pitch-shifting, easily conjuring up swampy vintage-inspired vibrato, synth-like sonar pulses, touch-sensitive pitch modulation, chorus, flanger, and tactile tremolo bar-like bends from a single pedal! Featuring 8 modulation modes: Sine, Triabgle, Ramp. Square, Random, Envelope Depth, Envelope Rate, & Envelope Pitch. "Flexi-Switch" allows for momentary and traditional latching-style switching on a conventional True-Bypass silent relay-based switch with an All-Analog Dry signal path and an All-Digital Wet signal path. And each and every aqueduct, constructed with human hands, in Akron Ohio, features a Lifetime Warranty.


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