Douglas Unger Tubaphone

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Year: circa 1970s
  • Includes Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 52804


A gorgeous example of Douglas Unger's early banjo work, featuring a 10-3/4" diameter original Vega Style M rim assembly, with a desirable 26" scale neck. The pot is completely unmodified and retains all stamps and appointments, apart from a reproduction No Knot tailpiece, and neck hardware. The neck has a delightfully large authentic V profile, with a wide heel at rim, with ebony laminations and fingerboard; spectacular pearl inlay and engraving, featuring a Dogwood flower on the face and back, with fancy designs on the fretboard and heel cap; period authentic heel carving capable only of Prof. Unger himself; equipped with pre-war Planetary tuners and friction fifth.

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