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Dismal Ax Prototype

  • Excellent Condition
  • Recent
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case


From the original owner, we are told this is a prototype guitar by Tennesee builder Gwen Forrester, who combines a "blend of old and new, fantasy and reality" locally found materials, and high-quality local timber. Hand-torched sunburst strat-style body, the top is striated, and features a hammered metal pickguard, backplate and jackplate. 25.5" scale maple neck w/ harwood fingerboard, and peghead overlay. Outfitted with Hipshot tuners, tremolo bridge/tailpiece. Equipped with three single-coil pickups, tone/vol., 5-way switch. In excellent almost unused original condition. The guitar was the first prototype for what would be called the Barnstorme series. Notes from the maker: "It is very much like a strat. I have been told it is a bit darker sounding, though. The biggest issue (and it is very minor) is where the depth stop on my router slipped while cutting the nut slot, and I had to glue in a small patch on the side of the neck where it cut too deep. Also, I had to reposition the studs for the trem, and you can see where I had to plug the original holes. They were only 1/16" or so off, and I drilled the new holes oversized, but concentric with the new centers, plugged the holes, and redrilled. It is a solid redo, but you do see a dark circle around the studs where I stained the plug material. This is the first fulcrum trem I have installed, and it took some figuring to get it right. Other than that, there are a few minor blemishes in the finish. Like I said, this was a prototype that I felt turned out good enough to complete and sell, and the issues are very minor.'

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