Demian (Teisco, Ayar, Zenon) Baritone VN4

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: circa 1965
  • No Case
  • Serial #: None


Looking for a cool tone? This has got you covered. Unique is the name of the game with this mid 60's Japanese axe, the Teisco built Demian VN4. Equipped with 4 single coils, with 4 on/of rocker switches, as well as a rhythm solo switch for either the front two or back two pickup sets. Get cool thin tones to some pretty thick neck tones. A great playing instrument, this bolt on neck has a similar profile to any modern C shape, with a bound fingerboard thats in great shape. Classic tuners, and tremolo system. This guitar is currently setup with lighter strings to accomodate a regular standard E-e setup, but these can be used as a baritone with a scale length of 26.75". Frets are in good clean shape with very little wear. It appears as though the neck set - probably for stability purposes - had black epoxy added to it to help potentially fill any gap. A rare players guitar through and through, this is a great instrument for someone looking for new inspiration on stage or in the studio!


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