Crate Vintage Club 50 1x15" combo

  • Very Good + Condition


Looking to really fill out your amp collection? Here is a very cool, not so often seen combo from Crate, the Vintage Club 50 1x15". Boasting 50 watts of all american tube tone through a single 15" - cleans have never sounded more fat, and tube break up has never felt so present. A perfect companion to your lap steel or pedal steel, this amp having two channels, one chimey and clean, the other gain with a smooth tube overdrive, will fit into a mix or cut through even the loudest of rock or soul bands. Vintage white tolex looks cool, and only shows typical sign of age. On board spring reverb through the 15 will satisfy the vintage soul in all the surf rockers to gospel steel players. A great value for a LOT of amp! Foot switch included.

Was: $499.00

Now Only: $399.00

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