Cordoba Mod 40R

  • Excellent Condition
  • Includes Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 37031643


The 40R model from Cordobas Espana Series of instruments, were high grade instruments built in Spain in the early 2000's for a fraction of the cost of its competition. Similar to the brands C7 now, the 40R guitar is built with a solid Cedar top and laminate Rosewood back & sides. Light weight bracing and solid kerfing. A high gloss finish, and a nice looking rosette around the soundhole, these guitars are aesthetically pleasing, but have substantial volume and a nice and balanced tone. This example comes to us in great condition less some light surface wear and a few dings throughout, mainly on the bottom of the instrument. It has a finish separation between the neck profile and fingerboard mainly around the first position - not apparently structural, but worth noting. It has a 52mm nut width and a 650mm scale. Comes with a polyfoam case!


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