Constantine Kasha SP0

  • Excellent + Condition
  • Year: 1999
  • Includes Hard Shell Case


A guitar with patent history dating back to the mid 70's, here we have an instrument that is the combined vision of decades of scientific study. Michael Kasha (1920-2013) did what any good father would have done when his son began the pursuit of classical guitar playing - he decided that he could design one "better". Kasha, a renowned American chemist and physicist may have been just the person for the job of studying the somewhat simple acoustic principals of a guitar. Constantine Guitars' own David Payne made Kasha's designs come to life, in what may be one of the most unique instruments we've ever had here at Bernunzio Uptown Music. A spruce top (with a lower bout measurement of 14.75") has a notable feature of an upper bout soundhole, that paired with a unique "Kasha" style bracing for a strangely well balanced and unique tone. Maybe the most unusual design element is the Spruce back, designed to move in concert with the top - similar to a speaker diaphragm. A three piece neck with mahogany and maple, sports a very thin profile for less energy transfer through the neck, as well as speedier more fun playability. Brazilian rosewood sides measure in a body depth of 3 7/8". The scale is 26" and the nut width measures 2". Comes with a newer Taylor hardshell case.


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