Clawhammer Banjo From Scratch by Dan Levenson (w/ Online Audio)

  • New Condition


FINALLY! An instructional book that starts from the beginning! Southern Appalachian native Dan Levenson and Mel Bay Publications present Clawhammer Banjo From Scratch - A Guide for the Claw-less! This book teaches clawhammer banjo the way we play, not the way others say. It really begins as though you really have NO knowledge of how to play the five string banjo clawhammer style. The book is written in tablature form (complete with instruction on how to read tab) and includes ONLINE AUDIO with recordings of all 12 tunes in each of 3 versions, a fiddle recording of each tune and most of the exercises and examples. This is a 128-page book with online audio which presents 12 tunes from the common jam repertoire. The basic instruction really begins at the beginning – as if you had NO knowledge of clawhammer banjo or any other instrument for that matter. Technique, scales and exercises start you off, but they are quickly applied to 12 Old Time Jam favorites. The 12 tunes are repeated as new techniques are introduced creating more developed versions of the tunes each time. The book concludes with a dozen “Kitchen Sink” versions of the tunes, ready and able to be played in a jamming situation.


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