Chase Bliss Spectre Flanger

  • Near Mint Condition
  • Recent
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case
  • Serial #: 521


Made in the USA by the legendary Chase Bliss - here we have an increasingly harder to find pedal the Spectre Analog "TZ" Flanger. “Spectre” created the effect we’ve all come to know as flange by putting a finger on a set of identical tape recorders, slightly altering the speed of one of the recorders. This legendary sound has been used on countless recordings from the 1960's all through now (and becoming more and more common amongst electronic musicians). Having an all analog heart - but with a digital work flow, this flange pedal can sound just as you would like it to - from clear to robust, to throaty and modulated. Even further control can be had by way of an expression pedal, and with dip switches up north, virtually any flange tone can be had with an infinite amount of versatility. Perfect for the experimental musician, or the studio looking for a nice piece of outboard gear. Oh yeah, it also has tap tempo. Comes with the original serialized wooden box, and is almost brand new! Save today!

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