Boss RC-3

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: 2010


For decades, Boss has set the standard for which every guitar pedal is measured against. Loopers are no exception, and from the onset of compact loop pedals they have made some of the best and most reliable units one can buy. The RC-3 is a powerful yet convenient choice for the songwriter, band, or bedroom player alike. Allowing up to 3 hours of recording time (99 loops), the RC-3 gives you tons of space to store song ideas, riffs, and whatever your mind can conjure. With a simple yet thorough selection of controls on the front, Boss couldn't make it easier to immediately start saving ideas on the fly. The RC-3 is also equipped with a built in drum machine, for some realistic backing tracks or when the drummer just can't make the gig! Tap tempo ensures that your loops will be tight and in time, for quick, realistic full band performances. This RC-3 comes to us in excellent used condition, with hardly a scratch on it. Some velcro is applied on the bottom for use with a pedalboard. 9VDC


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