Ampeg VT22 Combo c. 1975

  • Excellent Condition
  • Year: circa 1975
  • Serial #: 44944


A corner stone to rock & roll history - it has been said that these V series amps were designed originally for The Rolling Stones. Regardless of their heritage, they are certainly big, beautiful sounding, and loud. This well kept amp from yesteryear would be an excellent companion into any amp aficionado's collection, or for the right studio or gigging musician. The tonal palette on this is very clean making it a great platform for pedals. This example features two 12" Peavey Sheffield speakers replacing it's originals - an excellent compliment for the 120 watts of output power. 3 band eq with black rocker switches for more detail in the high end, or for midrange sweep - making this a unique option for any studio. Sensitivity controls for each input compliment specific pickup outputs (like a variable pad control).The reverb lock has been removed on this example, but the reverb still functions as it should, albeit more subtly than say a Fender counter part. Very clean, the amp shows only mild/typical tolex wear for it's age. This amp was recently serviced by local legend John Nau


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