Ampeg Reverbojet J-12R

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 67
  • No Case


Ampeg enthusiasts unite! Here we have a not so often seen, Reverbojet from the late 60's - which absolutely nails the early rock & roll British tones. A simple setup, and sitting at about 18watts, this single 12" combo is relatively lightweight, and loud enough to get the job done for most bands and would make an exceptional studio amplifier. Equipped with two channels, and control for volume, tone, reverb & tremolo - players will be satisfied by the palette of tone on these Reverbojets. VU meter is functional, and aesthetically cool, and the grill and tolex is in great shape with only mild piting on the faceplate. Original tubes as well as original CTS built speaker for Ampeg. Serial number has worn off tube diagram tag, but this J-12R style was prominent between 67-70 before it was redesigned.


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