Adventure Audio Whateverb V2

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MADE IN ROCHESTER! Blend and Decay are pretty standard knobs for reverb pedals, but whats not so standard is the Warp knob. This actually changes the sample rate of the ADAC Chip in the pedal. What the heck is sample rate? and what in the heck is a ADAC? The sample rate is how quickly the audio samples are taken in and processed. There are some wacky things that happen when you change the sample rate. i.e. the pitch and the decay of the programs. ADAC stands for Analog to Digital to Analog Converter. Essentially the work horse chip behind all the digital conversion of your signal. OK, so what do the other knobs do? The top two knobs on the pedal change depending on where the toggle is set, which effectively changes between one of three distinct settings. This: Chorus/Flange Reverb with depth and rate controls for the modulation That: Room Hall Reverb with high and low filtering. Otherb: Shimmer Reverb with dissonance and volume controls The Whateverb is true bypass and requires 250mA 9VDC only power supply.

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