Adventure Audio Lunge

  • New Condition
  • Serial #: 045


Okay, it's 2020, you want a Chorus pedal - it's okay, we all do.
But you want your Chorus to not just be the standard warble that we've been hearing for over 40 years - I get it.
This Adventure Audio Lunge, built here in Rochester NY will solve your sick needs of seasick desires.

Equipped with your standard rate and depth controls, classic sounds are no trouble for this true bypass beauty. The seasoned player will be excited to turn that +/- knob and explore the optional octave up or down possibilities that this thing possesses.
A unique warp control allows you to adjust the internal sample rate clocking resulting in sonic explorations only you can imagine. A blend control is helpful for maintaining all your glory. With all these features, even your band mates will be proud to look over at you staring straight at the floor for hours... 

dang, maybe even days.


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